Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time to go to Mackinac Island!

After a fantastic day in Mackinaw city it was time to take the ferry over to Mackinac island. There are two ferry choices and we decided on Sheplers-just look at the amazing dock:

I also liked that you could park all day for free and not have to worry about the car-many places had time limits on how long you could leave your car even on the street. 

The boat was very quick and a calm ride on the day we went-I also liked that they gave a mini tour/history on the way over so it seemed like we were there in no time. On the way there we sat upstairs enjoying the fresh air and wind and on the way back opted to sit inside. Both were well kept and made for an enjoyable ride. I would recommend the ferry since it has a larger dock and more options overall for travel. 

On the move again:Mackinaw City Michigan

Do you like camping? I have to admit I am not a huge camping fan but little miss was very excited to go this summer. We decided to take a quick trip up to Mackinaw City and visit the island. Now last time we were camping was a few years ago and it rained both in and out of the tent. By the end of the first night we were wet and cold and nobody had a great time. So why on Earth did I decide to try it again? Tee pee Campground is on a beach! Yes that is right-here is the view I woke up to each morning:

Everyone was so nice it was incredible! The office was amazing and each spot seemed perfect no matter where the location. This was little misses favorite part-playing in the water with her new found friends:

We even found a “magic stick” in the office that turned the campfire all sorts of colors as it burned-talk about a “magical” experience for our entire family. The lots were very spacious and we had enough room to have our tent, a kids tent, the car, and all of our things. Each spot has its own fire pit and picnic table. Now I am sure you are thinking camping is camping what makes this place special? I would have to say three things:
1. The friendly staff & guests. There was even a bonfire on Saturday night with a person playing a guitar and an overall welcome feeling from everyone.

2. The bathrooms-I have never seen such clean “public” bathrooms. The shower was spacious enough for little miss to shower with me each night and the bathroom was so clean no matter what time of day we went. I think this really made me feel more at home and made the camping experience more pleasant.

3. Location, Location, Location! This spot is so close to Mackinaw city it is incredible. Just look at our view of the bridge from our camping site:

We really loved not having to travel far to experience the city and it was so close we could easily drive back and forth to break up our day. I am very pleased with the experience and will be traveling back next summer to stay at this great hidden gem.