Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Perfect Travel Booster

School is out and summer is in full swing which means time to travel! My biggest annoyance is dragging my daughters booster everywhere. Not only is the seat ridiculously huge it is bulky and doesn't really "fit" in the luggage when packing. So of course it was time to find something safe but less bulky.  While wandering around a baby fair I see this sitting on a shelf:
At that point my daughter was two or so and I didn't even pay much attention.  Flash forward three years and I now know why the BubbleBum is a must have! The packaging is so little I can toss in any carry on or luggage and have the seat when I arrive for the rental car. We also ended up getting one just to have in the car. Have you ever had a friend call with a flat and they can't make it to pick up time for dance? We had this happen last month and I just had to sit with my daughter and her friend for an hour until the mom could get the tire changed. I now keep the BubbleBum in its package under the backseat. Never will I be left to sit and wait again because I don't have an extra seat!
The BubbleBum is the perfect seat for grandparents, travel, and to have an extra for back to school. Look at all the great colors available:
Visit BubbleBum here to find a realtor near you-it really is a must have seat for anyone in a booster!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring is here-Michigan getaway highlight

Oh spring-my favorite season of all because of the beautiful flowers. This year I found a great little get away in Holland, Michigan.

The event runs May 3-10 and is a perfect getaway for Mother's Day or anyone who loves flowers. Just look at the amazing colors:

Although we went the first day of the festival the tulips were very fragrant and open-I would say 50% were in bloom and it was beautiful! Downtown was alive with craft vendors and food carts-we even got a chance to see Dutch dancers in the square. The dancers perform each hour for about 10 minutes but it is a must see. After exploring downtown we then went on to the Dutch Village and Windmill Island Gardens. The windmill is the only authentic Dutch windmill in the USA and for all the Oogielove fans it is the same park they filmed the ending scene!

The whole park was fascinating from the tour to the free carrousel. Our bean's favorite part was the wooden shoe area-she was able to try on a pair then get her name carved into the shoes. It was such a great experience-she has not taken her shoes off since we bought them.

If you have small children I highly recommend visiting Dutch Village. There is a zip line, duck race, rides, and slides. Plan to spend a few hours exploring especially if your child likes to try everything and do everything twice!

Overall it was a great trip away to Michigan. I would suggest planning to spend at least a full day with lots of walking. Happy Spring everyone!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Alaskan Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to one of the most majestic places on Earth? In my opinion Alaska has to be a must see for anyone-they really do have it all including hiking, canoeing, shopping, and cute little sled dogs!

We were fortunate enough to travel to Alaska in July and it will be tough to break it down into one must see post! First we stopped in Juno and began our trip with a quick boat ride to visit a glacier. Once arriving my husband and I were fitted with life jackets to canoe our way up to the glacier-just look at this scene:

Everyone stopped to watch a black bear play on the rocks and then scoop down to pick up ice chunks from the cool water. It was amazing to see the layers on the glacier and how blue each piece was in the clear still water.

After the amazing view and scenery it was time to move on to Skagway and play with sled dogs! Yes that is correct you can visit the sled dogs and even take a quick ride to help train the pups while they are on summer break.

Lucky us we arrived just in time for a litter-look at this little face:

Each town also provided ample shopping and amazing sea food. I have never had such great salmon jerky and fish and chips.The ports in Alaska are known for their jewelery and it is fun to collect the charms in each city to make a great keepsake charm bracelet. There are also many great shops that feature handmade sweaters and scarves...truly a shop for everyone in downtown Juno! I especially recommend the following:
visit the Alaskan brewery and try all the new flavors along with visiting the "beer wall" to see what other states/beers have made the cut

Visit the salmon hatchery and learn about the time line of a salmon egg. Most importantly just relax and enjoy-along the way we were able to see an orca pod swimming, a seal family feeding, and Eagles. There are so many great things to see and do for the whole family whether you want to take a cruise, fly from city to city, or camp and enjoy nature.
Have questions-please ask below and I will do my best to point you in the right direction for the best tours and places especially my experience!